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Monday, December 13, 2004

Soldiers penalized for ingenuity; while those behind the war crimes escape discipline

Ref It sure is amazing. The nation is at war. Troops don't have enough armor. Spare parts are a problem.

In battle you go with what you have. And you make do.

I get annoyed when I read that this nation's leadership avoid accountability in re 9-11 and the war crimes in both Iraq and Guantanamo.

Yet, it's the man on the ground, doing the hard work...when they do the "same thing" [make do], they get penalized.

Meanwhile, they give medals to troops "just for being there." Crazy.

The ones who should be getting the medals are the ones who are figuring out how to do their job despite the poor planning and leadership.

Not this Army. Punish those who offer and implement real solutions. And reward those who do nothing out of the ordinary.

What they learn overseas, will be brought home and be 'the new standard' for America to celebrate. This is not inspiring, yet these warrior who are punished for ingenuity take a back seat to those who blindly obey.

And you wonder why America has disasters like Enron and Andersen.