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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Homeland Security -- DoJ fails in the background check: You feeling safe

Ref. Wow, another law enforcement officer goes down in flames. Is this the best they can do, or are they actually running out of barrel to scrape?

Imagine, Kerik was going to be the one that would oversee immigration. Yet, he relied on illegal immigration to keep him on schedule.


Two issues that concern me in re this appointment. First, Ridge's resignation was delayed. There had been rumors floating around for a while; then the false resignation report.

In hindsight, it looks as though what happened is the Keric nomination may not have been timely, and this prompted the White House to delay the official Ridge resignation.

Which leads us to the second concern, why is it so difficult to find a replacement for DHS? I suspect, the law enforcement community knows the former customs-now-DHS is a can of worms waiting to explode.

We're now going on a month since the first loud rumblings about "Ridge resiging" surfaced. That's a long time in White House-days.

What's also interesting is that despite the resignation [going on two-weeks now], the White House still has Ridge's bio on the White House website.

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