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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Ukraine vs Guantanamo: How would US Law enforcement have handled public demonstrations?

There was quite a show in Ukraine. True democracy. And the court asserted that the law should prevail.

The United States, on the other hand, seems to take a different view. 2004 RNC is all the evidence you need to know how the US Law Enforcement "community" would have handled Ukraine-like demonstrations in the United States.Ref

Compare what happened in 2001 with 2004. In 2001, Ukraine asked for FBI assistance. Yet, we see no NYC on the streets of Ukraine.

Compare the RNC demonstrations to that which occurred in Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands protested in Ukraine, yet we hear of no young children being throw in into oil-soaked prisons.Ref Ref

Vigils in NYC face JTTF backlash; yet the same in Ukraine, the police mesmerized by orange.

  • How many JTTF in the US were drooling at the sight of that sea of orange thinking, "There are thousands of lawyers we could lock up."Ref

  • Are DoJ personnel viewing the 'demonstrations against fraud' one of irresponsibility?

    Certainly not. US Attorneys will, when given evidence of corruption inside the Securities and Exchange commission, scoff off the information as, "To take action would be to sue ourselves."

    No surprise. The US requires much to awaken it to the malfeasance within the ranks of DoJ and the financial reporting and regulatory system.

    Which scapegoat will the White House, DoJ-JTTF use for this unfolding financial disaster?

    Oh, that's right. There are always more "GITMOs" to be established in Tehran.