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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

CIA agents advised on legal rights

They should say that to the President! CIA agents have privately discussed their legal options without outside counsel. Some have asked, "What information does the special counsel and outside investigator need."

Litigators and outside investigators have already provided the laundry list.

Here's what they're looking for, inter alia:

- Which computer systems the information is housed; type of system; software; server; hardware specifications

- Names of contractosr who create the softare aggregators which include the data streams from the NSA and NRO intercepts. Investigators anticipate that other nations have discussed the information and have independenly verified the claims.

- Types of information in the data sets;

- File numbers and identifying ifnormation;

- Storage ocation of the data, physical buildings; country; and points of contact with control;

- Collection data; Universal Time Clock; and copies of the data dictionary.