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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Computers didn't stop 9-11 -- Reality hasn't sunk in

Great, spend more money. What did it do during 9-11? We had amazing overseas data coming in telling us there was a problem.

We didn't listen.

DoD proposes spending vast sums of money to field the computer.


Why should we believe DoD is going to manage that information adequately?

And if someone like Sibel Edmonds points out a flaw in the system, is anyone going to listen?

That's right. Buy more computers. Win wars.

What has it done about Osama? Big computers aren't stopping him. Unless you promise physically dumping the datalines on top of him.

Learn the lessons of Pearl Harbor. HUMINT is important.

Consider how much money will "not be spent on HUMINT" with the higher cost and investment in the computers.

Sure, go ahead. Build the network. But we're still waiting for an explanation "why 9-11 happened."

Remember, we had the internet in 2001. We have enough computers and technology to win wars, just not enough to stop the "excuse to start one" nor the ability to win the hearts and minds.

Great planning. Inspiring leadership. Get real.