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Monday, November 08, 2004

Guantanamo: Court halts trials as unlawful -- what took so long for sanity?

Court rules "need to follow your own procedures".

It was "only" three years -- yet, plenty of time for JTTF-CIFA-DOJ-DoD to torture, abuse, videotape and otherwise annoy people in Guantanamo.


What took the "other branch" so long to step in?

What excuse will DoJ posit to grant itself immunity to rules it requires of others?

Will the Iraqi insurgents impose retribution on American forces for the war crimes committed in Abu Ghraib?

When 12 babies in China were killed, 97 Chinese officials are disciplined; yet why is the United States [three years after 9-11] still unable to point to anyone inside the US government that has been held accountable?

This county prides itself on the rule of law -- ha! Good old America: 3,000 killed on 9-11 and nobody disciplined within the US Government. What a country!

But, in a major blow to the White House, DoJ, and DoD ... U.S. District Judge James Robertson rules Guantanamo trial are unlawful and could not proceed until:

  • a decision has been made on whether he is a prisoner of war under the Geneva Conventions [as should have been done immediately]; and

  • the rules are changed so he can see the evidence against him and be present at all proceedings

    The court rules the US government has to obey the Geneva Convention-- a treaty we signed, applicable through Article VI of the US Constitution, to which these Federal officials took an oath to uphold, not ignore.

    Will the insurgents follow the rules? Says DoD, "The rules don't apply in this case...but we want to make sure American soldiers are treated with respect in Faluja if they are captured."