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Sunday, November 07, 2004

CIA in FBI field offices "not engaged in intelligence gathering or analysis" -- ha!

There's no reason to have this many CIA agents in the field to have a "gatekeeper" function for the computer. Ref Why are they denying this so quickly -- JTTF confirms they use CIA analysts in the field to engage in domestic intelligence gathering, surveillance, monitoring, and analysis. The articles clearly downplay the role CIA analysts in the US are playing.

CIA agents are not in the FBI field offices acting as a "gatekeeper" for information, that's a bunch of non-sense; FBI agents are stupid, but not so stupid that they can't turn on a computer and directly access this information themselves.


  • How local law enforcement is able to access the data that is only on the CIA-NSA intelligence files; and

  • Why the NSA provides backbriefing and direct information to local law enforcement when local LE is interrogating a witness.

    Local LE's are using the witness-victims' status as a "person who needs assistance" as a means to "identify a target," gain information, and then upload information into the files.

    CIA then analyzes the information about domestic individuals, who are unrelated to criminal activity. The information is in the database and they're using it for non-criminal investigations -- but to use those "intelligence leads" as the means to then probe deeper into the target.

    The article incorrectly leaves the false impression that CIA isn't doing any analysis of this information; and that they aren't then funneling questions back to local LE to ask additional questions.

    On the contrary, FBI certainly isn't in the position to analyze all this information given their backlog of translation tapes, so it must be either CIA or NSA that is reviewing the information, otherwise, why are they collecting the non-criminal information?

    The only reason they're able to do this [combine local and internatioanl intelligence] is DoJ's oversight under Hatch has been abysmal.

    Indeed, according to Rice's testimony, CIA prior to 9-11 was able to dovetail the information at the DSP -- there was no credible "wall" that prevented the President from looking at an integrated package [both CIA-FBI inputs] on the 06 Aug PDB.

    We haven't even address the problem with DoJ or DHS IG, internal affairs; the problem of evidence destruction; or why the FBI I-drives don't match the paper files.

    With all this mish-mash, there's no telling how many inside JTTF, CIFA, CIA, NSA, DoJ, and DHS are unable to talk because of threats of retaliation.