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Friday, November 12, 2004

800+ Page CIA IG report -- The insiders are fighting and resigning


Now we find out that it's much worse than we've been led to believe.

This week the latest "trick of the CIA" is to blame personalities for the confrontations.

Don't be fooled. The real problem is that CIA IG has pointed the finger at senior agency personnel and others in the intelligence community that raises serious integrity questions.

Not just in terms of statutes and honesty, but the amount of time personnel have known about problems, failed to act, and refused to effectively manage the agency.

There have been up to 90-terminations within the CIA, and the resignations are only a symptom of a bigger problem: Lack of leadership, lack of accountability, and lack of integrity to those we "give a special vote of trust" in the form of high salaries and the "privilege" to access sensitive information.

Folks, this intelligence business is not new. So, please tell us, "Why despite all this work after the 1947 Security Act" did so much fail in re HUMINT; and why "all that time spending scarce resources [Lives] developing sources in the cold war, only to squander the peace?"

It's called a leadership problem.

And what's needed is a better articulation of where this country wants to go. A top-down vision.

And then approach the solution from the bottom up: How are we going to support that national objective that is consistent with the constitution?

One player you need not bother consulting: DoJ's Ashcroft. He has no clue what the constitution or system of checks and balances are.