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Monday, December 27, 2004

CIA Assessments dead-on in Iraq -- What are they saying about the US economy?

It's all well and good to cite the "popularity" of a war among troops. The assessments need to be looked more broadly.

CIA got it right in re the post-war disruption. They've also got it right when they share the news about the US economy.

Things are not going well. Greenspan, the dollar, and the markets know it.

Roach knows it. And Krugman isn't bashful about calling the US economy what it really is: A banana republic, one that compares unfavorably with Argentina.

If the CIA truly has good analysts, they'd share that information with the public so that things can be set right.

And any comments that "Medicare is out of control" aren't going to wash. There's a surplus. Looking great. Plenty of room for maneuver in the out-years.

The present and President's problem is an imploding economy which the troops are understandably distracted from.

Favorable ratings do not change reality. Not only does a "popular" war not create WMD out of mushrooms, so does a suppressed CIA report on the US economy make the economic disaster go away.

It's unlikely that a President, so used to be given unfavorable news from the CIA, is predisposed to listen to reports of the imploding US economy.

He's gotten away with asserting the Alice in Wonderland fiction in Iraq. The markets can be fooled as well. But when they finally awaken, few escape.

Recall the 1997 Asian crisis. The contagion continues to spread.

Happy New Year.