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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Patriot Act and Iraq: A lesson in US arrogance

When force is used, all is lost. Ref.

The Patriot Act was sold as being "justified," now the court has found portions unconstitutional.

With new militarism, the government shows that it no longer can pursuade based on reason or morality. Indeed, finding no weapons and no evidence of wrong doing either in Iraq or in the now-released prisoner, makes one reasonably ask, "what else have we been lied to about and what are we to do?"

THere is a clear constitution; and this government does put great energy into justifying force to carry out and enforce principles abroad that it no longer supports at home.

This government deserves less support. Let their screaming self-evidently display their weak foundation. It's members in the SES wonder why they cannot achieve results, but for ruses and illusions.

Their test will be when they are forced, at the hand of their own government, the consequences of their own failings.

Judith Miller spoke in support of the ruse-sham-war in Iraq. Now, she suffers the threat of jail time for failing to comply with the law.

She had the chance to speak out about truth in Iraq, and chose the path of deception. There is little reason to care when people like her are no consumed by the very system they helped create.

The tiger is now eating its young.