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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Incompetence should not be confused for "being weak"

Incompetent people, like the President and those in law enforcement and DoJ, will shout and abuse others to intimidate them from speaking out.

Inceompltent people will rally a nation to war based on illusions; and then have no plan to secure the peace.

Incompetent people will use lies to justify no accountability for their inaction prior to 9-11.

Incompetent people will lie before evaluators to avoid consequences for not doing their job.

Incompetent people will create resuses to avoid accountability fo inadequate planning.

Incompetenet people will lie, be abusive, and yell to shift responsiblity to others.

This ia America. Irrationaal, blaming, excuses, abusive, and lawless.

There should be no wonder why many oppose that which is a cancer.

The cancer could be cured within with simple reforms. But not America. It will stick to what doesn't work, and fail to ensure it truly shows the world 'what is possible.'

Stuck in the past. Resting on its laurels. So much talent wasted to avoid improving.