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Saturday, October 09, 2004


How can the desired results [actions consistent with the rule of law] be achieved without really ensuring that the sytsem of checks and balances both works, and is remedied when it fails to work?

What absurd creature of logic has beenembraced to justify not really ensuring performance is consistent with the rule of law, the Bill of Rights, and the constitution?

If we truly have a system of checks and balances, why does it take three years to stop what should never have been approved?

How can the illusion of "liberty" be justified, when so much is done to deny liberty to those sipmly accused, without evidence?

We are not better off post 9-11. The problems continue. The solutionsn are wanting. The leaderhsip has failed.

But rather than embrace needed internal reforms, we continue to hear the siren song of abuse and abusurdity.

This is the chorus of fools. It parades itself as if it were on display. It deserves not respect. But scorn.