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Friday, October 08, 2004

Media: Guilty of thought crime

Only your right to publish is protected; you are no longer protected in your ability to think and ask question.

Reported jailed:

she had contemplated writing such an article and had conducted interviews for it ref

You no longer have to actually release the information and publish it; you simply are guilty if you think about it.

The real crime: Someone leaked the name, and the reporters do not want to let anyone know who violated the law. Strange, the public is smeared when it does the same: Engage in conduct that shields criminals.

WOnder why the media hides behind their "rights" to justify not assenting to the public statutes? Because they are so closely connected with government and law enforcmeent that they put their own interests before that of the law.

Double standards. America's legacy. Don't wonder why the world resents inconsistencies.