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Friday, October 08, 2004

The rising tide of excuses

Blondes complain, "I've always been teased -- so now you know how we feel."

High school?

No, they're justifying the lawlessness within law enforcement.

In their world "because they have been tormented, now its everyones turn in the post 9-11 world."

When challenged with, "If we don't assert our rights, they'll walk over them," they then say, "They were just doing their jobs."

Nope. They have "the job" of preserving the constitution [in theory]; in practice, they will violate the law to put pepole in jail. Why would I want to help them put me in jail by "cooperating" -- we, the people, still have the right to silence."

The Bill of Rights is still there.

Whether law enforcement wants to hire blonds or other historically oppressed people to "justify the abuses for all", is another matter.

The real solution is for government to come up with a solution to ~their~ credibility problem; and ensure the laws "prohibiting unlawful harassment of blondes and others" are enforced, not simply explained away as law enforcement then goes after the victim.

That someone may have been harmed in the past, is no excuse to justify and rationalize harm for greater numbers today.

It's not a new era. We still have a constitution. 9-11 did not change that.