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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Unlawful wars -- The media laments they should have done more -- What's their plan next time?

It's all well and good to lament after the disaster "what should have been done." The real leaders in the media will put their heads together and "figure out" what needs to be done next time.

It's not as though this nation has never gone to war; nor that the media has been silent.

Government's have institutional memory, and so do corporations. Why are those who "have the protections of the constittion" not using those protections to ensure the lessons learned are passed down?

Government, the media says, is getting better at it. Then there really aren't excuses for the media that is protected.

The media needs to put their heads together to get it right next time. Are they on the right path?

They like to talk, but it seems there's n othing credible to justify they will not again buckle under pressure from DoJ and say nothing about prior restraint until "they are pushed."

Why does this government each time have to be reminded of the constitution?

We simply have more conduct that mirrors the British Empire. To point out what is self-evident is what they did in the Declaration of Independence.