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Friday, October 08, 2004

Government wants more excuses to avoid oversight

Update: Excuses government uses to avoid oversight, and dissuade public monitoring of public institutions.

FBI: "the intentions of the individual in Iraq could have been harmless," but they were going to assume the worst about those who had nothing to do with the 9-11 failures inside DoJ.

Such drastic measures have subjected so many who are harmless, friends even, to embarrassment and denied entry. Americans are edgy, especially during this campaign season. But isn’t it possible that by creating such security problems, al-Qaeda had already achieved a goal in its destabilization of the United States? A democratic America loses its moral high ground by its overzealousness, by its creation of a closed society, by invoking a fortress mentality. I hope Americans ponder these questions. Those of us who look at America as a nation of immigrants, as our last redoubt, is it now closing its doors?Ref

Be paranoid. All others who do not speak Enligsh are to be questioned. If they ask questions or speak with an accent they are suspects. But if the United States wants to invade and attempt to learn other languages, that is OK.
United States needs military personnel, diplomats and business executives who speak Arabic, French, Spanish, Chinese, Swahili, Russian, Korean, Farsi, Hindi and dozens of other languages. ref -- so that we can invade them too?

Nobody else is allowed to learn about America or use the internet. If you do, you are evil. Government continues to compel the population to put up with more excuses to "not look at government":

  • Live a life of ignorance. Don't ask any questions if you are remodeling, or hoping to find out what time your children are supposed to be arriving. Because you might be evil if you show any Interest in obtaining site plans for schools, bus routes and attendance lists.

  • Hide the economic problems. If you are unemployed, the schools do not want to hear from you, nor remind voters of the economic problems. If the government employees who have not been responsive to your questions and unhelpful in navigating the bureaucratic maize, they may accuse you of prolonged "static surveillance" by people disguised as panhandlers, shoe shiners, newspaper or flower vendors or street sweepers not previously seen in the area.

  • Show visible signs of reverence to authority. If you hear the school alarm go off, look away, run, and do not stay around, because they will accuse you of being an evil person and accuse you of making observations of security drills.

  • Stay away from public places. No matter what you do around schools, you are suspicious. No matter where you put your eyes, it will be grounds to interrogate you. You will be identified as being suspicious if you are accused of being on of a number of People staring at or quickly looking away from employees or vehicles as they enter or leave parking areas.

  • Blue collar workers and union organizing activities are not welcome. Janitors, anyone entering or exiting the facility is evil. You are a bad person if you do not ride a bike, or if you do not use a trolly as you are evil if you engage in anything resembling foot surveillance of campuses involving individuals working together.

    Don't read this. If you do, you are evil. Read this and you will be free.

    Next step

    "Because the internet contains information, you will be arrested for reading it. Turn it off. Remain ignorant. Only let the government use technology to accuse you of bad things, and let them detain you for eternity in Guantanamo; but do not use technology or the internet to remain informed about your rights."

    A life of ignorance, stupidity, and "living free of all bad information" is what will keep you safe.

    Ignorance is security. Ref -- AlQueda says that ignorance is a risk, so they must be wrong. Archive

    The world is not allowed to learn from "the great lessons learned." Those new people in Iraq who are creating a new democracy, are not allowed to use the internet to make their lives safer from those we fight.

    Ignore this:

    Prominent US politicians have decried American ignorance of the outside world, arguing the country’s reluctance to study foreign civilisations could become a threat to national security.

    America must remain ignorant. The world must not learn from the internet. If you apply what you know or have learned, you will be accused of being evil and taken to Guantanamo and possibly tortured and killed.

    Anyone in Iraq who desires to study the United States is a threat to national security; and if they fail to learn our ways, then they are also ignorant.

    No matter what, they are evil. If they want to learn about the United States, they are wrong; and if they refuse to submit to our ways, they are also wrong. Regardless their choice, we will use it as an excuse to invade their country, steal their oil, and invade their homes.

    No matter what they do, we will use it as an excuse to lie before the United Nations, and then invade their homes just as the British Monarchy did in the colonies in 1776.

    Remain ignorant. It is your only safety. Stay ignorant, and you will be safe. Orwell was right. Obey, do not question, accept more intrusions.

    They are just doing their job. Your Constitution is not worth anything. Only authority knows what is right. Ignore your rights, and you will be stronger.

    Repeat, repeat..."Blind obedience will make me free." The only acceptable poster for your window: Here Only the few slect can enter the only acceptable path to nirvana.