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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

DoJ: To Guantanamo if you are accused of IP violations


the Justice Department response to intellectual property theft ``must be as forceful and aggressive and successful as our response to terrorism and violent crime and drugs and corruption has been.''Ref More


This means DoJ will ...

- Do nothing about allegations of criminal activity.
- Refuse to take information alleging complaints.
- Get the US Attorney to issue faxes saying non-sense to justify unlawful, unconstitutional searches
- Threaten the media that they are "getting it wrong" if they point out caselaw at odds with FBI-DoJ policies, practices, and goals
- Deploy FBI agents to harass DoJ employees who speak out against the bungling in DoJ
- Botch internal audits
- Engage in multiple cursory "reviews" by Congress that do nothing to address the management problems
- Threaten DoJ employees and prosecutors who publicly state the priorities in DoJ are screwed up
- Threaten citizens challenging the mis-placed priorities inside DoJ
- Make baseless allegations against defendants based on political objectives, innuendo, and unreliable informants
- Conduct DoJ Media blitzes against personnel within DoJ who speak out against misconduct
- Do nothing about DoJ personnel planting "evidence" in targets' computers
- Use baseless allegations to go on fishing trips inside defendants' computers
- Use CIFA to torture people accused of something that cannot be proved
- Remove defendants from easy access to their lawyers
- Kill defendants while in solitary confinement, covering up their deaths, then creating the illusion that they were still alive by attaching medical equipment to them while carrying their body out of the facility on a stretcher
- Hide US citizens' in unmarked Gulfstream V aircraft, and taking them to Egypt, Syria, and Diego Garcia to torture and kill them.
- Violate the constitution
- Threaten those who dare challenge DoJ's policy of "intimidation by detention and handcuffing"
- Rebuff all complaints about agent misconduct
- Use the list in OPR to target citizens who are complaining about DoJ-personnel misconduct
- Hire private contractors to ride skooters to attack protestors
- Detain, arrest anyone walking down the street who is nearby anyone who speaks out against DoJ

Wow! And how are you in DoJ going to actually catch "terrorists" if you're spending so much time and energy chasing ghosts?

Got all the time in the world to violate the constitution, but no time to hire translators, translate audio tapes, or ensure your internal practices meet reasonable levels of performance.