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Friday, September 10, 2004

JLo's secrets: On the way

Search tips: Looking for some links on J'Lo's makeup?

May9 photo release.

  • Scott Barnes is a good name to use when searching.

  • Also instead of JLo try this search with a space/apostrophe [J'Lo]; her full name or other variations.

    Fast links

    If you're in a rush, I've got some quick links for you here on her makeup:

    J'Lo Makeup and Style: How she does it

    Here is a composite article with photos [Google cache].

  • In case that doesn't work for you, here are the articles from this Google cache:
    Makeup: Skin, eyes, lips

    Makeup: Face, eyes, lips




    Tools: Virtual Makeover: Download

    Upcoming Scott Barnes book about J'Lo:Voodoo tales from makeup. BTW: Another in the category of "nice words, but where's the pic?

  • Here is another blog about J'Lo.

    One of JLO's Motion Picture Hair Style Factoids

    J'Lo's hair stylist in Monster-In-Law [ Monster In Law] is none other than the same hair sylist J'Lo had in: An Unfinished Life, Shall We Dance, and Maid in Manhattan

    Who is this person?

    Scroll down to see the answer:

    Answer: Melissa A. Yonkey, Sometimes Credited As:
    Melisa Yonkey
    Melissa Yonkey

    Bordertown [plot]: You can see how Tarra D. Day does makeup for JLo [Lauren, Chicago-based reporter] in Bordertown, written and directed by Gregory Nava about Juarez, Mexico with Antonio Banderas [US-trained reporter] and Martin Sheen [Lopez's newspaper editor]. [Set comment, Jerry Fletcher]