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Friday, September 10, 2004

We the people: Required to lead the leaders, shall not be treated like mindless followers

It is amazing when when those we hire [government, fiduciaries, etc] forget which way the money goes -- from us, to them.

Their job is to serve, not make up stories, and waste our time.

If they don't want to do ~their~ job, then they need to find another source of income.

The rules and standards are clear. "Here's the standard, all they have to do is meer the same standard that they require others to meet."

If they can't meet the standard, then there's no reason for that standard to exist for the broader population.

It is noteworthy we the people must know their jobs better than them in order to make sure they are doing their job.

Yet, if we truly have to "remind them of the standards that they have freely chosen to abide by"...we, as non-management, are essentilaly having to have a dual function: Of being the follower and the manager.

Yet, who are they to command or compel our belief, when it is they who demonstrate they need to learn to follow.

If they have to be told what to do...they are not leading, but are following.

Then they need to move on. And do a job that is commensurate with their ability, not their mortgage.