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Friday, September 10, 2004

Constitutioanl standards are clear, yet we have a nation of morons in government

We have a clear constitution. Many swore an oath to preserve and protect this document. Yet we have polices and wars at odds with those standards.

It's not that tough, but these "idiots in government" seem to think they can play stupid. They need to have some leadership -- and they're not leading, but "asking to be told".

It is amzing "where this country finds itself"... People walk in a daze, " did we get here, and what do we do."

It's too late. They've already taken the actions -- can't put the wind back in the bottle.

The very people we "trusted to do the right thing" [when there was time to do it] let alot of pepole down, didn't stand for the principles.

And now they want to pretend "it's jost where we are." That's not leadership.

The mindlessness in our "leadership" is dangerous.

If the country wants to go down the path, there's much momentum behind that.

Enjoy the ride. Some of us are getting off the train.