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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Iraqis Demonstrate For Change, Mr. President

Ref War Criminal Bush, leave the lands of the Iraqi people.

Iraq has an ancient culture and do not need your recklessness. Before you invaded, they had safety, drinking water, and safe streets. It wasn't perfect. But neither is America. Perhaps "imperfection" is the new legal standard for foreign fighters to destroy America? Addington knows about imperfection: He sees it in the mirror.

War criminal Bush, your occupation is not welcome in Iraq. Change means going away, not staying.

* * *

The People of Iraq voted for Change: They do not want you. They want their country.

Go away. Leave.

Why do you ignore the Iraqi call for change?

You are a dictator, and are disingenuous with your claim that you are concerned about Iraqi freedom. The People of Iraq have voted; and they protest.

You are not welcome. Go away.

Change means leaving, not making excuses to act like Saddam.

When you show the world you're willing to change course in Iraq, and leave, the world might believe you have an open mind.

Until then, your mind has not changed.

Fine. The lawful attacks on your military troops should not be expected to end. They are illegally occupying Iraq. That is not change, but more of the arrogant abuse of power the American supposedly liberated Europe from.

Change means not repeating the errors of Hitler and using the world's opposition to your barbarity to expand your abuse of power.

Change means complying with the laws of war, not pretending you are a leader.

Change means surrendering and resigning, not abusing power.

Change means finding new leaders for the Department of Justice, not sticking by those who put their loyalty to you above their loyalty to the Constitution.

Change means accepting that the Speaker has the power to shut down the Federal Government decertify the DoJ, and not provide you with any money. You are not enforcing the laws of war. You are not changing.

Change means accepting that you are powerless otmake Congress do anything that provides funding to your war crimes. You are not ending illegal warfare. You are not changing.

As long as you refuse to change, there is no reason the Iraqi insurgency or Taliban should change. They will fight, expand their operations, and get more support against the arrogant Americans who refuse to change.

America's President refuses to change. Iraqi people have changed: You are not welcome. Go away. You have overstayed your welcome in Iraq. And America.

Change means resigning.