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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Berenson's Many Hands

Did you know that under the laws of war, people who are complicit with war crimes, could be lawfully targeted for like retaliation.

Warning: This is war crimes related evidence. Do not act on this information. Do not approach, follow, or use this information to contact, follow, harass, wait for, or approach anyone.

If this information is used to approach, follow, plan, or do anything, you may face serious legal consequences. This is an ongoing war crimes investigation. Do not use this information or take any action based on this information.

This information is available for war crimes prosecutors for their planning purposes in enforcing the laws of war against US government officials.

If you have additional information related to anything below, forward all information to this address: [ Send Info Here ] This is an ongoing war crimes investigation directed at US government officials, legal counsel, and other contractors.

* * *

Brad Berenson

Who in the White House counsel's office said it was "OK" for US combat forces, contractors, or someone else to engage in abuse of people and render them to other countries?

It's not nice to be complicit with war crimes, especially as a legal advisor.

War crimes prosecutors have this information. Article 82 of Geneva required you to ensure that the laws of war were full enforced, not explained away.

Geneva permits retaliation and reciprocity against personnel, public officials, and those who are been complicit with or not stopped Geneva.

Yet, it appears as though the American legal community would like to pretend nothing will happen. That there will be no legal consequences under the laws of war against legal counsel allegedly complicit with war crimes; or who hare allegedly not asserted their oath.

Brad, did it occur to you that grave breaches of Geneva -- which you are alleged to have been complicit -- may be of interest to war crimes prosecutors?

Did it occur to you that lawful subpoenas could be issued against counsel who have been complicit with this activity; or were allegedly in a position to know about the transport of civilians under the "rendition" program?

When did it enter your mind that personnel transported to Eastern Europe, Syria, or other locations may want to have a discussion with people who were allegedly complicit with these grave breaches of Geneva?

Was there something going through your mind that suggested that the Justice Trial at Nuremberg, where legal counsel and officers of the court were found to have not fully enforced Geneva, would not apply to you?

* * *

Plain English for White House counsel:

___ 1. Geneva imposes on you a liability to enforce the Geneva Conventions;

___ 2. It is clearly established from Nuremburg, that staff counsel, lawyers, and officers of the court may be lawfully punished for refusing to enforce Geneva;

___ 3. It is clearly established from Nuremburg that civilized societies shall impeach government officials when they violate the laws of war;

___ 4. When the laws of war have been violated, but staff counsel working for the President direct retaliation against personnel who attempt to enforce the laws of war, that is a subsequent war crimes;

___ 5. Illegal acts of retaliation, Geneva violations, prisoner abuse, and other kidnapping is an offense against all nations;

___ 6. If the US government refuses to enforce Geneva, or DOJ-White House counsel refuse to permit US Attorneys to enforce the laws of war; or they block DOJ OPR from reviewing illegal DOJ Staff counsel illegal activity, those are subsequent war crimes by this President, White House counsel, and DoJ Staff;

___ 7. When the laws of war are not enforced, and the United States president with the assistance of legal counsel, expands unlawful war, that in no way legalizes the war crimes, but creates more evidence;

___ 8. When the US Congress refuses to enforce the law, and all legal options have been exhausted to end illegal warfare and prisoner abuse, foreign fighters under Geneva are permitted to engage in like retaliation against similarly situated government officials;

___ 9. The United States is reported to have illegally supported cross border raids from Pakistan into Iran to include kidnapping, abuse, and execution without trial;

___ 10. The laws of war permit any foreign power to engage in like retaliation and reciprocal actions against similarly situated personnel; or those who have been complicit with the illegal activity;

___ 11. Any prisoner treatment conditions which prisoners of war have been subjected to in Syria or Eastern Europe, and were not stopped as required under Geneva, may be applied to White House and DOJ Staff counsel if they are detained;

___ 12. The United States has without evidence, trial, or any proof, detained people they have on accusation alone determined to be unlawful combatants;

___ 13. Other nations, powers, foreign fighters, and unconventional forces may reciprocate and -- on accusation alone, without evidence -- engage in like abuse, retaliation, and treatment of anyone they deem to have been complicit with the illegal kidnapping, abuse, and other breaches of Geneva;

___ 14. When the President directs, permits, and does not stop forces under his indirect control to engage in illegal kidnapping, abuse, torture, and summary execute of prisoners -- regardless the evidence -- then other nations may lawfully reciprocate and engage in like summary executions of DOJ Staff counsel and White House counsel without fear of any legal consequences under the laws of war.

* * *

Question for Berenson

Did you have any idea when you were working in the White House counsel that your president would cause, through the laws of war, legal retaliatory attacks, kidnappings, and summary executions of White House and DoJ Staff counsel?

Ref The American legal community, DOJ Staff, and White House counsel have a very serious Geneva Conventions problem right now.

Brad thought rendition was fun. Geneva permits like violations of the laws of war. White House counsel seems to think that illegal kidnapping, prisoner abuse, and "Other things" during prisoner of war detention are permitted.

When was the last time you had the chance to digest the Nuremberg Justice Trial?

How would war crimes prosecutors go about physically detaining White House counsel allegedly complicit with this illegal activity, but US government authorities refused to enforce Geneva; and what would they do to go about physically moving alleged war criminals from location A to The Hague for a war crimes tribunal?

* * *

Lawful Reciprocal Rendition

What might war crimes prosecutors wish to consider:

Ref Map to Brad Berenson's house.

Ref Helicopter Unit A:

Ref Helicopter Unit B: backup landing.

Ref Water Landing Craft: Across the Potomac from Langley, 3 miles north of Abraxis.

Ref Backup Crew 3: East Side

Ref: Beach Party

Ref Backup Crew 2: Southern side.

Note, before war crimes prosecutors use the above information, please confirm.
* * *

Memory Jogger

Let's talk about Poland; Constancia, Romania; and Syria. Brad, what's your view on rendition, again?

A. If it’s not OK, then you have evidence of war crimes, yet haven't turned that information to DOJ OPR or the DC Bar or US Attorney; however

B. If it is OK, then the same could happen to those who refuse to enforce the Conventions.

You and your alleged co-conspirators working for the President, Attorney General on the White House Counsel's staff and on the DOJ Staff counsel have a serious problem.

You have a duty under the laws of war, Article 82, your attorney standards of conduct to ensure the Constitution and Geneva Conventions are fully enforced. If you refuse, then you are abusing your oath and betraying your professional standards.

* * *

Funds Tracking Through Banking System


Ref Financial disclosure form.

Ref: Check section B, shocked: "The addresses match."

Ref Article write ups

___ Which law firm established this Tax Exempt Charity?

___ Where does the money go?

___ Where does the money come from?

___ When was the last time the entity was audited?

___ Who did the audit?

___ What is the relationship between the auditor and the firm which established the entity?

* * *

This Is On The Table

The American legal community has a leadership problem. This illegal activity has gone on too long.

These war crimes are serious.

The GOP and American legal community have no plan to remedy these problems.

This is on the table: Ref

The American legal community and GOP need to be specific with the plans, solutions, problems, and remedial action.

Your job is to provide leadership to the legal community.

The Attorney Standards of Conduct are applicable. If you choose to pretend that you are above the law; or that the precedents of Nuremburg cannot be applied, you arguably are a reckless attorney.

Either these issues will be resolved with cooperation with congress and adjudicated in court; or foreign powers and war fighters will be delegated through the Geneva Conventions to engage in like abuses and retaliation against similarly situated people.

All illegal Presidential orders related to prisoner abuse, kidnapping, and summary executions are not lawful; and there is no legal foundation to suppress this evidence.

All criminal proceedings at Guantanamo made under the illegal Military Commissions Act are the basis for like abuses to be committed against DOJ and White House counsel complicit with drafting those procedures.

All Staff counsel communications related to the illegal US Attorney Firings is evidence of daily White House and DOJ Staff counsel coordination. This coordination is presumed to have been used to implement Geneva violations, prisoner abuse, illegal warrants, kidnappings, and other violations of the laws of war.

Either the US Congress is given immediate, timely, and full cooperation by the GOP and American legal community; or foreign fighters shall continue to exercise the lawful authority they have been delegated by We the People through the Geneva Conventions to use lawful force against personnel alleged to have been complicit with Grave Braches of Geneva.

Once the Geneva Conventions are fully followed, and the American Legal community voluntarily surrenders, this retaliation and reciprocal action might end. Until then, it remains a lawful option -- and is on the table -- that until there are legal consequences in the court room, foreign fighters have broad, expansive, and unlimited authority to engage in any abuse this President has authorized, not stopped, and permitted in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Eastern Europe, Syria, or any other vessel.

There are two forums to resolve conflicts. One is the preferred which includes the legal process and cooperating with Congress. The other forum is the battlefield. This President has recklessly chosen to violate the Laws of war in the latter and lose; then pretend he is not subject to the former.

Until the US government freely chooses to assent to the rule of law, this President’s illegal orders facilitating Geneva Violations is the legal authority for reciprocal acts to be lawfully committed against anyone foreign fighters randomly choose -- on accusation alone, without evidence -- who they may choose to hold accountable.

This is not a call for violence. It is a reminder of what the Geneva Conventions permit. We the People passed Geneva to act as a reminder to this government what they shall follow. When this government ignores the laws of war, We the People are subject to impermissible attacks -- on basis of accusation alone, without evidence -- in violation of the US Constitution.

Geneva attaches as a requirement to the United States as a detaining power. The status of the prisoner of war is irrelevant.

The US government refuses to enforce Geneva. Fine. Then foreign fighters have the authority and power to engage in like abuses, retaliation, reciprocal actions including anything this President has permitted: Kidnapping, abuse, punishment without trial, and summary executions without access to any defense counsel or evidence.

The error was to believe the fiction that the American legal community is self-regulating. No, it is reckless. It has impermissibly permitted these acts of war to continue despite the lesson of Nuremburg.

Nuremberg and the Geneva Conventions are not quaint. They are the Supreme Law. This President and the likes of Brad Berenson, the White house Counsel, and DOJ Staff are alleged to be complicit with these grave braches. Arguably, they have put themselves above the law. Arguably, they say that they will only subject themselves to the force of combat to resolve this dispute.

The GOP and American legal community have a problem. Their leaders refuse to assent to the rule of law. Foreign fighters are not required to assent to Geneva Violations. They may, and have been authorized, to engage in retaliatory acts. This is Our Will as expressed through the Constitution and Supreme Law and the Conventions. The error was to ignore them, and Our Will.

Retaliatory and reciprocal attacks were inserted in the conventions to act as a deterrent against this US government’s abuse of power. This was insufficient. The US government officials knew the potential consequences but ignored them.

You shall submit to the Supreme Law either by choice; or through lawful force. You have no choice. Surrender now or face defeat on the battlefield. These actions may or may not include imminent kidnapping, rendition, abuse, and other breaches of the Geneva Conventions.