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Friday, April 13, 2007

White House Implicated In Hand Written Notes

DoJ released new documents today to the House Judiciary Committee. The hand written notes indicate the White House and President were fully aware of the Gonzalez decision, and approved the retaliation against the US Attorneys.

7 of 76 Goodling's hand written notes indicate that "WH [White House] cleared".

* * *

"DoJ put the list together of problematic people; sent to WH; WH cleared"

Look at fifth line below " Reasons?", "Was Pres [President] told about this?"

___ Why doesn't GOodling, who was DoJ-WH liaison, not understand this?

* * *

It doe snot make sens for Goodling to say, in her role as liaison to be confused about the White House. It looks as though GOodling has discussed the DoJ role -- presumably including the Attorney General meeting, decision -- and has fatally asserted in writing that the President approved the decision.

Or are we to believe that the "White House clearing" something does not include the President who supposedly is "the decider"?