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Thursday, April 12, 2007

President Must Comply With Law To Maintain Executive Privildge

President for e-mail purging before he was for hiding, then protection, then suppression, then denial, then assertion it was appropriate

Ref President cannot have it both ways.

He claims that the e-mails to the RNC aren't archived, as required, because they're not part of the White House; yet, he claims the e-mails, which have not been stored properly, are protected by the President's Privilege.


The President is delusional: He (supposedly) wants to protect something he (apparently) believes is not associated with the White House.

Bush Delusion Calendar Check This is a repeat pattern of the Geneva violations at Guantanamo, FISA violations, and abuses with Eastern European Detention Centers:

Monday: Release e-mails, and say there is no problem
Tuesday: Denial about e-mail;
Wednesday: Hide e-mail meetings;
Thursday: Claim it is his job;
Friday: Blame others for the e-mail;

Saturday: Assert he has the right to destroy, not retain, and purge the e-mail because it's not his e-mail or official and not connected with the White House

Sunday: Pretends he can refuse to release the evidence he's fatally released on Monday.

Monday : Pretend the e-mail is connected with the White House and ignore the previous week. But let's not talk about the meetings he attended because he's no longer the decider. He's the Delusion-ister.

Tuesday: Offer no explanation why he [1] wants to destroy e-mail that has been released; or pretend that the e-mail is not connected with the White House as a basis to destroy it; but then reverses himself and [2] claim the released e-mail is connected with the White House but hasn't been retained under the Presidential Records Act; but then reverse himself again and [3] pretend that the e-mail -- he's previously said was not connected with the White House, and could be purged-- is linked with the White House and protected by privilege; never mind that the e-mail he says is privileged has been both purged in violation of the law and released to the bublic.

Nobody can hide illegal activity once it's disclosed. ORCON rules say it's illegal to ally any evidnce of illegal ctivity to be hidden by any classificaiton or executive order.

Conclusion: This President -- the best the GOP can offer as leadership -- is retarded and has hired stupid legal counsel.

* * *


A. The President failed to retain the data according to the rules which apply to Presidential records; or

B. The records were not stored as required because they were not intended to be retrieved, as required; or

C. The President is claiming privilege for something he did not want to be associated with: OR

D. The President hopes to pretend that something that he doesn't want to be associated with, and hide behind another communication system, is part of the White House that he wants to be associated with and protect; or

E. The President can't decide if he was for the e-mail protection before he was against it.

* * *

For the President to claim privilege, he cannot allow that data to be released. Once the information is disclosed, even inadvertently, the evidence is not protected.

The issue isn't the content of the e-mails; but the extent to which the e-mails unrelated to the White House have been used for official purposes.

Once the President asserts the evidence is privileged, he must show that the evidence has been retained lawfully.

He can't claim that the evidence is privileged, yet it can be purged without comply with with the Presidential records act.

Either the e-mail complies with the Presidential records; or the President cannot claim privilege.

Once the President failed to ensure the e-mails were retained as required, he cannot show that he hoped to use those e-mails for lawful purposes. Rather, the double standard on privilege asks us to believe two realities at once.

No way.