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Sunday, July 02, 2006

NSA: Pioneer Groundbreaker Initiative

We judge open source information confirms that the NSA contracted with AT&T and NARUS to deploy STA system widely in the Pioneer Groundbreaker Initiative.

The illegal programs and unlawful planning activities can be traced to Addington, Gonzalez, Keisler, the Vice President and the President.

* * *
Case Information

NSA language.




* * *

Other Confirmation Information Flows

Phone records have been indirectly provided from the US firms and telecoms through offshore companies to NSA.

NARUS software develop is linked with an Isreali firm providing accounting and billing services

The data throughput in the late 1990s shows us there must be at least 23 rooms using the NARUS STA.

* * *

We judge the Redacted AT&T affidavit relates to the NARUS STA, as the affidavit relates to specific terminology unique to NARUS STA, and the size of the blocked out content is about three [3] letters.

We can review the affidavit and find several key words that trace back to NARUS.

Term "Deep packet": 22 of 40, line 23 likely refers to the NARUS deep packet inspection capability. [ Ref ]

Term "Layers": There are various layers within the NARUS STA system. 22 of 40, line 24

Term: "OC-48": 28 of 40: Line 4 has already been linked with NARUS STA, Lucent, and the OptiStar product. Ref

* * *

Page 38/40, line 1-4, Para 146: External funding. This conclusion is consistent with the diaprity between the physical location, and rate that the NARUS facitlity was consuming cash, suggesting that there were other facilities for operations, and activities.

* * *

Based on the multiple common terms linked to NARUS, we conclude the 3-alpha-numberic text which has been redacted is already widely known and associated with NARUS.

The name which is removed from the affidavit is "STA"

  • STA Rooms: Page 28

  • STA Configurations: Page 14, 30

    This affirmatively links us with the ASPR capability, Ref, which is the automatic semantic pattern recognition process, well known in China. Given IEEE involvement in the NARUS STA, we judge the Chinese have a similar capability and regularly use this function against Taiwan, Korea and Japan. [ Ref ]

    * * *

    CALEA: Page 25 of 40: Line 19 has previously been linked with the NARUS STA ongoing rleationship with law enforcement-support development efforts, and conferences which DoJ and NARUS have joointly attended.

    * * *

    Page 24/40: Note 38 references test configurations, which trace back to the NARUS equipment in this handout. Note: The diagrams give an idication of the physical size of the commercial products.

    * * *

    It's possible to use the Klein affidavit to fills in the gaps on the Marucs affidavit: There are several quotes that have been redacted, quoted, but are are now known.

    You can confirm the text which has been referenced in the Marcus with the unredacted version of the Kline affidavit.

    * * *


    Open source, non-classified information directly implicates AT&T, NSA, and NARUS with the Groundbreaker Program Initiative, contrary to DoJ's Keisler's assertions before Federal Court that the information is classified and cannot be discussed.

    Rather, after DoJ approved the redacted court releases, they approved the release of key works which are closely related to the NARUS STA system. Other information also links AT&T with NARUS; AT&T with the NSA; and the NARUS-related overseas billing-accounting firms with the telecom billing data.

    The only reasonable conclusion is that the entities (AT&T, NARUS, offshore billing companies, and NSA) are connected in a single, domestic illegal program which the Attorney General and President know is used in contravention to the US Constitution and 4th Amendment.

    Conversely, the public information fails to support Congress' assertion that there has been no illegal activity.


    Affirmative confirmation. Contrary do DoJ Assertions that the redacted versions would not link the government to any illegal activity, the information which DoJ has approved for release can be combined with other information to show the systems can be traced to NARUS, AT&T and NSA.

    The implications are serious. The President and Attorney General have violated the law, not properly complied with FISA, and have engaged in a course of conduct that amounts to obstruction of justice and violation of clearly established rights. Both are subject to having their 42 USC 1983 qualified immunity stripped and could be indicated for crimes.

    No one is above the law. Hamdan affirms that the Executive must conduct his activities under the umbrella of both the US Statute and International Requirements. The President no longer has a credible basis to invoke privilege; rather, the activity, in violation of ORCON, has been classified to hide illegal activity. This would amount to subsequent violations by the Attorney General, DoJ Staff Attorneys, White House Staff, and classifying personnel inside NSA, DoJ, and the Executive Office of the President.

    DoJ OPR was blocked from Keisler's telephone logs. We judge the Qwest refusal to cooperate, combined with their public statement that DoJ Failed to secure the needed warrants, as confirmation that Keisler did discuss the illegal activity with the telecoms; and that there are, or should be, DoJ telephone records [FOIA] showing that DoJ personnel and the telecoms cooperated in a scheme to obstruct justice, make false statements to the Congress, mislead the public, and violate the FISA while they knew the conduct did not meet the exceptions under the statute.

    The misconduct rises to the Executive Office. Further, Addington’s decisions to permit a case to be thrown out of court (vice permit FISA court detection of illegally obtained evidence) is the reasonable basis to conclude the Vice President and Libby are also implicated in the decision to suppress information, rather than permit the Grand Jury detect the full scope of the illegal activity which they knew, or should have known, was not permitted under FISA.