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Sunday, July 02, 2006

AT&T Personnel Affirmatively Linked With NSA

Using the recommended traceroute option, we explored the details of the IP output.

The names on AT&T registration documents intersect open source information connected with the National Security Agency.

Contrary to the court fillings that there was no way to discuss the AT&T NSA-support-activities without disclosing classified information, we can provide evidence that not only is the President and US Attorney General lying, but the attorneys involved with the AT&T litigation should know what their claims to the court amount to fraud.

AT&T registration documents linking their trace route information include information which is associated with the National Security Agency.

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The method: Instructions: Do a trace route to

The IP trace: Trace to NSA through AT&T

The name: [ Click ]

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Please ensure the information receives wide dissemination:

  • Open source information can prove the President and Attorney General are lying;

  • Open source information links AT&T with the NSA;

  • Open source information contradicts the statements the DoJ Attorneys have made to the court and Congress

  • It is possible to litigate the NSA illegal activity, proving there is a link between AT&T and NSA, without using classified information;

  • The attorneys in DoJ, including Peter Keisler knew or should know, that the statements DoJ, AT&T, and other defendants in the AT&T litigation are providing to the court, is false, misleading, and inaccurate;

  • Contrary to the government's position and the defendants claims in sworn affidavits, there is no credible basis to say that anything related to the NSA-AT&T relationship is classified; rather the ongoing relationship and switching is publicly known, has been confirmed, and there is no credible dispute that AT&T and NSA are actively cooperating.

  • The Congressional resolution stating "there has been no crime" is wholly without merit and devoid of any credible fact finding or evidentiary support.

  • There is a reasonable basis to expand the grand jury indictment to explore issues of DoJ Staff attorney criminal conduct in providing false affidavits to the court;

  • There is a reasonable basis to expand, deepen, and broaden the DoJ OPR review of the DoJ Staff attorneys over issues related to misstatements, misrepresentations, and conduct that is in contravention to the ABA attorney model rules of professional standards of conduct for purposes of disciplinary action.

  • Congress and the House/Senate Judiciary/Intelligence Committees need to immediately review the statements the government has made to date (related to the NSA-AT&T cooperation) in court filings, other affidavits, and information to Congress to determine whether there has been false statements to Congress; or false information which Congress has relied upon.