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Friday, June 30, 2006

SCOTUS Nomination Filibuster

It's time to plan for the showdown with the RNC in the Senate.

We will soon have to consider a new Supreme Court Justice.

Do not wait.

Need to plan for the Filibuster.

Don't want to hear this, "Gosh, what will filibustering accomplish."

Answer: It's going to save our way of life.

If the RNC threatens to take away filibuster, let them: Then the RNC will not have the power to filibuster any law which bans the RNC.

Make the RNC be abusive before the election. Accelerate the votes, force them to commit on the rule of law before the election.

Force the RNC to vote on issues related to "investigations". If the RNC wants to vote on a law that is going to outlaw something that is protected, then attach amendments to compel investigation of the full issues, to include the Illegal Activity.

They may be in charge, but it is not time to roll over. It is time to make them be abusive so the world sees what is going on.

If you cower out of fear of "what may happen in the future," then you have already lost your freedom.

Use it now, and let your friends know that you're going to lawfully assert yourselves. If you refuse to do so now, you're going to look back and say, "Why didn't I do all that I could?"

Get with your friends, organize, and learn the lessons of the failed Alito Filibuster.

Where Congress refuses to protect the Constitution, We the People will have to display the needed leadership.

Get ready.