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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The World Quietly Prepares to Invade, Subdue America

When you're the biggest bully on the block, you may have no friends.

What happens when the block decides to stand up and, as one, pounce on the bully?

America is seen as a rogue nation. America threatens the world with illegal war.

Dissatisfaction simply mobilizes nations to take action. The world sees no need to continue assenting to American arrogance and abuse of power.

How soon will America be invaded? It would be best if Americans solved this abuse of power at home, before the world decides they have no choice but to impose that order from without.

Americans are outnumbered by very unhappy people.

How long will it be before the world decides to do what was done during WWII: Join forces to destroy a threat?

America in 2006 is no different than the Japanese and Germans of the early WWII-era. The only difference is that Americans are outnumbered, and on the wrong side of the law.

Who will liberate Americans from the current lawlessness? The world may choose to lawfully invade, rather than risk being illegally destroyed as they saw in Iraq.

The world has nothing to lose but their fear of the abuse of American power. If America does not contain this abuse at home, the world may soon decide, "We must act" and do what America did during WWII: Wage lawful war to defend the world against the abuse of power.

Bullies don't last forever.

Especially, when they're arrogant Americans, with few real friends and many joining, "Enough."

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