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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Government plans to defy Federal Court and Pass More Unconstitutional Laws


Despite the Federal Courts ruling that secret searches are not constitutional, the US government has a plan to defy the courts. How many times does this government have to be reminded, "What is in the constitution?"

Court rules against DoJ....

but the planning for more secret searches continues.... Ref

US Mere ~accusations~ as the basis to terrorize the civilian population

There need not be actual proof of misconduct, merely the accusation.

How does noe become "suspected of being linked" to something? Why simply go before any public official and ask a question.

measures on the deportation of aliens who are suspected of being linked to foreign revolutionary groups . . . warrants against non-citizens even when a target can’t be tied to a foreign power . . . death penalties, one of which could be applied to acts of protest. Under the Hastert measure’s definitions, anti-war protesters could be deemed terroristsRef

"The only reason you would ask that question is if you were a terrorist, or planning something nasty." Look at the standard of "evidence" used to make accusations against someone who checked out a book.

America, you were once a great nation. You are now no better than third world despotic regiemes.