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Sunday, October 03, 2004

High School 18-21 year-olds -- Vote now, a draft is coming next year in 2005

Next year there will be a draft.

If you're in High School, or recently graduated, the time to think about the draft has arrived.

Your life may depend on it.

I don't want to hear next year when the draft boards start, "Oh, I wish I had voted."

Next year, you're not going to be able to go back in time and register.

The time to register is now.

The time to tell your friends in High School about the upcoming draft has arrived.

The time to debate and discuss this issue has arrived.

Once they start the draft, you can't debate it or oppose it without being subject to charged with "interfering with government draft-related activities."

Imagine yourself next year being called for the draft. Think about those things "you wish you had done in 2004" that you'll have run out of time to do.

Start thinking about a will. Who do you want your possessions to go to. How are you going to handle "the government run around" when you are hurt and not getting help at the Veteran's Administration.

Have you written your Congressional representatives in both the House and Senate to let them know your concerns with treatment of veterans.

Do you really understand the principles you are fighting "for"?

Have you been told clearly by your leaders why your life is worth sacrificing?

Have your leaders demonstrated to you that they have exhausted all options prior to implementing the draft?

Have your leaders shown you that they acted with skill prior to 9-11 and were actually "surprised", or was their "inaction prior to 9-11" now a burden that you are being asked to bear?

Is it right for the youth to bear the burden of a "leadership that failed to act"?

Many took credit when there was a peacetime drawdown. The budgets were balanced. Troop manning was cutback. Now, we are told that manning must increase. Where are those who "took credit" for the cutbacks that made this draft required--are they taking blame for having cutback?

Why are we "fighting abroad for principles" that we are not practicing at home?

Why are young people told that their life is worth "the sacrifice and loss," when at home we actively discourage people from exercising their constitutional rights; going so far as to label those who exercise their freedom of speech and assembly as "unpatriotic"?

Do you know who the corporations and associations are that are actively lobbying for this war; do you know who in the American Legion and the "Americanism Committees" are actively stifling discussion of public policy issues related to the constitution, the Patriot Act, and the unconstitutional conduct in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo?

Have you mentally though through "what you will do" if you are ordered to commit war crimes; do you know the Geneva Convention?

If you are threatened with death if you speak out about American military misconduct and war crimes, have you thought whether you will follow unlawful orders and kill and torture innocent civilians?

The American Ambassador to Honduras knew about Battalion 316 that was responsible for abuses in Honduras; this US Ambassador is now assigned to Iraq. Are you prepared to follow his instructions to carry out atrocities to keep people quiet about war crimes and torture committed against civilians?

Congratulations. You have survived High School. You are not about to embark on a new adventure. One marked by deception, abuse, hypocrisy. Your leaders who you will be asked to "carry out their orders" are in a difficult position -- they have no choice, but to follow orders.

We have many reports that units being deployed to the gulf do not have enough equipment. The President during the debates stumbled. He is not used to having tough questions. He is used to giving orders, regardless the facts.

Whomever you vote for in November 2004, will be your commander in Chief during combat.

Choose wisely. This may be the last time you vote in your life. Make it count. I will have no patience when you start complaining "after you return" that "nobody did anything."

You only have to look in the mirror. When you had the chance to "make a difference," you chose to do nothing. You decided to "trust" those who were "better men" to make decisions for you.

It's time to grow up fast. And make some tough choices. It is your future. Don't look back with regrets. Once November is over, there's nothing you can do about the draft after High School graduation in June 2005.

Are you ready?