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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Oasis theory of life

There is a theory that "all of life on earth" is from a common origin, and that "anything that is not from the Earth" will be distinctly different.

The thinking goes something like this, "If there are aliens, they would not look like us; because all Earth-origin-creatures have faces."

Well, there's a problem with that theory.

Tell me, "How many plants do you know that have faces?" Not one. So are we to believe that "plants, because they have no faces are not from Earth?"

Or put another way, "How are we to know that aliens [if they exist, but cannot be like humans in that they do not have faces] could not also have the structure of plants?

That is the problem: Why or how would aliens that are in the form of plants create a space ship to travel here?

That is the flaw with the reasoning. Let us suppose that the "aliens who are not like us and have no faces" are actually here, in the form of plants.

How could this be? If the Earth is not simply the "origin of life," but the "oasis of life," we might actually have a different answer.

Think of a watering hole in the desert; all around there is no water. Suddenly, there is water. The analogy to earth is clear: What if Earth is simply "a watering hole" of the galaxy; those creatures that "make it to the watering hole" [from wherever they start] survive, and those that don't make it, well...don't.

The question isn't "why is life on earth," but "what does life look like just before it dies in distant places?

We are also incorrectly assuming that "life requires water." Some does. But there is "life" that is dormant and "dead" that can suddenly wake up when water is present.

This is not to say that evolution is wrong. Rather, it is to suggest that "aliens" could already have arrived in the form of "plants".

Just because a "living thing Doesn't have a face" doesn't mean that it is "not from this planet." So too is it absurd to suggest that "all things that have faces are from Earth." The true soul of a person may not be their face, but in their heart. Their eyes are not the window to their soul.

Their roots. Or something else.