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Friday, September 17, 2004

Oversight and accountability of this fighter pilot

What is your plan, Mr Fighter Pilot, to ensure ~you~ timely provide informatoin so that the other two branches, the media, and the pubulic can get access?

You are not a wing commander. You are a fighter pilot.

Many others are involved in your check rides.

"What ever happens" is not passing.

It is your job to prove that youare are in compliance with the constitution.

You do not have the private right of "innocent until proven guilty."

How are you going to ensure others can verify that you acting in a manner that is in compliance with the constitution?

How will you ensure that the information we require is sufficient?

Nixon's tapes were not priviledged.

Nor is the White House counsel.

The memo he wrote was a public act, working on bhealf of the public.

Yet, you did nothing when he condoned ignoring the laws of war.

You are, through your oath, responsible to international treaties through Article VI.

You have alot of work on your hands.

And impeachment.

An election.

And more diversions?

One diversion that you cannot use: The constitution.

It still exists.