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Friday, September 17, 2004

Fighter pilots may be good, but this one proves to be in need of attention

He cannot monitor himself.

There were abuses occurring in Guantanamo, yet he pretended that he did not know...

There were photographs of the abuses in Iraq, yet he asked his attorney to say, "We don't commit abuses..."...even though he did.

There were memos authorizing the abuses, yet he denied responsiblity.

There was torture going on, yet het hid the prisoners from the Red Cross.

These are not fraternity parties. Or shell games. Nor are they accounting books to massage.

These are war cimres. That this fighter pilot knew about.

In 2002.

But failed to stop.

IN fact, he told his office of special plans to spew forth more non-sense.

This fighter pilot is spewing chaff. At the wrong target.

He is creating a diversion. For himself. From the constitution.

He is in need of closer attention.

It is called an election.