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Friday, September 10, 2004

Mars: Oceans were there

More evidence of water, but will NASA admit the craters were caused by water? Ref

When Opportunity landed inside a small martian crater on the plain, its instruments detected abundant evidence of an iron oxide mineral called gray hematite -- a chemical that is almost always formed from iron in standing water.
...not always, pleads NASA.

Mind you, this is the same agency that argues "there's no formal defintion of a planet." Ref. Uh, we live on one, or are you not sure? Beam me up.

More images.

Meanwhile, outside NASA's intelligence-black-hole, some are actually getting good at Martian weather forecasting; yet, we'll not know how good their forecasts are for 12 days, as the Sun will block radio transmissions between Earth and Mars.

Practice anti-logic detection:

  • "Galileo, does the Sun does not pass between Earth and Mars?", Ref;
  • when a horse and rider are not facing the same direction, is it the horse or the rider that is backwards? Ref;
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