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Friday, September 17, 2004

Leadership failures of this fighter pilot

Statutory compliance: Not qualified: Lawless The constitution is ignored; Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and the Patriot Act.

Foundation for policies: Not qualified [No foundation] Polices drive fact finding in Iraq, WMD; and major resource allocation efforts in occupied-territory.

Effectiveness: Not qualified [ineffective] In re economy: results?

Results: Not qualified [Weak, lose] Resource-requirement mismatch.

Use of logic, facts: Not qualified [Poor] WMD fantasy, moving argument; Saddam and 9-11 unfounded connection; Saddam-AlQueda connection illusory.

Judgment: Not qualified [Poor] Unsound: Iraq

Planning: Not qualified [Notional without details] Plans at odds with reality; requirements-resource mismatch. Unrealistic forecasts.

Credibility of supporters: Not qualified [Emperor's New clothes] Ostracizes other views, alienates crew during turn-arounds. Poor team player with those whose assistance most needed.

Accountability: Not qualified [Diversions] Blames lower level support for own leadership flaws.

Leadership: Substantially well-qualified [Reckless, but bold] Arrogance, threats where logic absent. Does not inspire sustained support from crew members in position to provide reliable, timely information.

Images vs facts: Not qualified [Inconsistencies] Emphasizes tolerance, compassion as themes; yet execution and implementation at odds with these images. Treats his own crew as a threat to be manipulated, interrogated, and questioned. Communication breakdowns.

Decision making: Well qualified [Aggressive] Outcomes without regard to reality, risks, or challenges. Practicality concerns.

Responsiveness: Well qualified [Slow, out of touch] Blames, ignores feedback.

Crisis readiness, resolution: Not qualified 9-11 happened on his watch; he had the information; and information was bottlenecked within his chain of command. Failure. Blaming without accountability.

Adherence to the laws of the land: Not qualified [Unprepared, below expectations Substantial non-compliance with Bill of Rights. War crimes allegations. Pending litigation. Pilot has had private meetings with non-government counsel; had dissuaded others involved from resigning.

Overall rating: UNQUAL on majority of all factors

RECOMMENDATION: Pilot needs to be grounded following stan-eval examation during election.