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Monday, August 30, 2004

NYC: 29th and 9th Indident


This was unfolding quickly; but an update appears to paint a rather different picture: Far fewer arrests. Photos prior to the police engagement; and nite shots of the barricated; and a video


Incident is just south of the Fashion Disctrict; north of Chelsea near Chelsea Park just South-west of Madison Square Garden, or "Garden"; note that 99 10th Ave is a DEA forescis center. Approximate location; Hotels are well north of the arrests.

Other notes

First reports [never confirmed] of police equipment were similar to what was used in Miami. There is a common pattern: Hype the threat, underprepare, then overreact.

Cameras are located not in high crime areas, but where high property values have expensive insurance costs.

Police detain longer than 24 hours. Times Square images; gurrilla network video parody. Revenge killing by a cop. Civil rights asserted during Bush's unwinnable war on terror.

NYC Indymedia site: Updates on the RNC protests.