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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Potential War Crimes Evidence At Republican National Lawyers Association

RNC lawyers inside the Department of Justice have allegedly attempted to remove information which could be probative for a war crimes tribunal. Evidence destruction is not a good thing when it is linked with alleged war crimes. Bad timing, RNLA. If you had nothing to hide, why are you . . . uh, hiding it?

This is on top of the fatally admitted White House violations of the Presidential records act. Looks liked DOJ Staff counsel working for RNLA well knew the FBI had all but elinated their reviews of white collar crime: How much did they expect the FBI to turn its back on government corruption inside the Department of Justice? If you have a President you know is blocking the DOJ OPR from reviewing matters, the RNLC looks like it has a free reign to commit war crimes and no one would do anything.

Reportedly, at least fifty [50 White House staffers have not cimplied. This number seems low in that there are over 1,000 staffers. SOme like Rove send 95% o ftheir e-mail throu the private e-mails; and the RNC purges the e-mail every 30 days.

Not to worry, Ref Here's the archive of the site that they've attempted to remove. We will find the names, and understand why the GOP has attempted to apparently thwart enforcement of the laws of war.

Note, there is a compare option which facilitates the speedy identification of which names have been added or subtracted. Were the GOP lawyers aware that the additional changes could be very easily tracked? Apparently, not.

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Prosecutor Contact Details

Ref ICC Prosecutor

Ref German

Ref Milan, Italy

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War Crimes: Are the DOJ Staff Counsel Connected with the RNLA Better or Worse Than The Nazi Lawyers?

Unlike WWII Germany that did confront Hitler on Geneva and War Crimes, the DOJ Staff appears to have not even met the standards of the Third Reich:

Further evidence concerning the problem of terror flyers, through examination of the witnesses Colonel-General Jodl and Field-Marshal Keitel, proves that not only the Foreign Office but Herr von Ribbentrop personally had pledged themselves in principle to uphold the Geneva Convention, and that Herr von Ribbentrop together with other leading personalities took pains to assure the retention of at least the basic human principles, even approaching Hitler at his most ruthless periods.Ref

Evidence destruction is not what one would call a "retention of basic principles" but the oppoiste: Recklessness. Very disappointing that the American legal community has been linked with war crimes, and has not met the standards of even the Nazi lawyers.

The evidence before us suggest the DOJ Staff counsel, as evidenced by the Bybee Memo failed to meet the Geneva Standards even the Third Reich, at times, attempted to meet. Unlike Staff counsel who attempted to confront Hitler over Geneva, the lazy DOJ Staff counsel refused to confront the President, but did the opposite than the Nazis: Enabled war crimes. Not good timing to disclose this RNLA evidence deletion.

Here is the evidence that the DOJ Staff counsel is no better than the Nazi lawyers who were adjudicated with war crimes.

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If the DOJ Staff counsel have been linked with war crimes -- as does appear to be the case, as evidenced by the DOJ IG report of illegal activity -- the effort to remove names could be a subsequent offense under the laws of war to hide from war crimes prosecutors evidence of personnel allegedly complicit with war crimes. How many RNC lawyers could this allegedly obstruction of justice in re war crimes relate to?

What else did the president hope to suppress related to war crimes by blocking the DOJ OPR investigation?

The name removal could be very serious. Not nice to hide evidence of alleged war crimes; or attempt to thwart war crimes prosecutors from enforcing the Geneva Conventions. Could be a subsequent crimes under laws of war adjudicated with the death penalty.

For stupid Republican lawyers that means: You will not be able to practice law. Very stupid for RNC lawyers not to read SecDef 5100.77 Laws of War Program; or your attorney standards of conduct prohibiting illegal activity and evidence destruction. Nuremberg suggests you could be prosecuted for doing bad things which interfere with ongoing war crimes investigations.

* * *

The questions war crimes prosecutors are asking:

____ What is the relationship between [a] appointment of DOJ Counsel; [b] their contributions to the GOP; [c] their activity within the RNLA; and [d] whether the legal positions are in favor with various judicial organizations?

____ Are staff counsel related with the RNLA more likely to get favorable peer reviews if they show a lack of interest in enfolding the laws of war?

____ How many of the RNLA DoJ Staff counsel have been rewarded with promotions within the American Bar Association because they refused to enforce the laws of war; or blocked the Genevra Conventions investigations?

____ Which DOJ Staff counsel linked with alleged violations of the laws of war were using their connections with the RNLA to thwart enforcement of the laws of war against DOJ, DoD, and White House officials?

____ How were RNLA staff counsel assigned to the DOJ communicating when discussing these illegal policies, plans, coordination, and efforts to thwart enforcement of Geneva?

____ Did the RNLA staff counsel assigned to the DOJ relay the information to the President of ongoing DOJ OPR concerns related to FISA violations and war crimes, prompting the President to block the DOJ OPR review and thwart enforcement of Geneva?

____ What role does the RNLA staff counsel organization play in acting as a hidden peer-review system which thwarts enforcement of the law; but retaliates against peer counsel who attempt to do what their oath of office requires; Enforce the laws of war against the lazy clerk sitting in the oval office?

____ How much money did the RNLA staff counsel assigned to the DOJ provide to the GOP in exchange for promises not to enforce tough peer reviews, or block DOJ OPR from revieiwng the GOP staff counsel's attorney conduct in re war crimes and illegal FISA violations?

____ What relationship did the RNLA Staff counsel inside DoJ, White House, and DOD have with illegal efforts to thwart public citizens from raising issues of war crimes?

____ What was the knowledge of RNLA Staff counsel of alleged illegal efforts to detain, intimidate, and abuse New York Citizens who were raising issues of war crimes an illegal warfare?

____ Why did RNLA Staff counsel allegedly participate in organizing efforts, communication, planning and other combinations to thwart enforcement of Geneva?

____ Who has a phone list of the RNLA Staff counsel assigned to the RNC Convention HQ meeting in 2004 in NYC?

____ Was there an effort by Justice Staff counsel to encourage the Secret Service to target people who had the copies of these cell phones of RNLA Staff counsel allegedly complicit in efforts to block enforcement of Geneva?

____ what is the connection between RNLA Staff counsel, outside lobbyists, and funds transfers in and out of the Middle East related to efforts to wage illegal warfare, conduct illegal trips, or plan unlawful activity which violates the laws of war?

____ What are the names of the staff counsel assigned to these outside entities, and what is their relationship to the RNLA?

____ Did RNLA indirectly support the staff counsel assigned to conduct these trips so that Justice Officials would be able to more effectively implement illegal warfare, and thwart enforcement of Geneva when prisoners were abused in violation of Geneva?

____ How often did the RNLA interact with the White House counsel's office?

____ Is there a reason that the White House staff counsel has been reluctant to comment publicly on the missing e-mails and RNC documents supposedly used to coordinate the confrontation with the US Attorneys?

____ How must coordination did the RNLA have in the development of prisoner abuse doctrine; or were involved in FISA violations?

____ How many of the RNLA staff counsel, when the Attorney General said they were too busy processing warrants, were actually not working on FISA requirements, but were using official government resources to organize, implement, and support illegal warfare from the Department of Justice?

____ How long did the staff counsel inside the Department of Justice believe that heir internal communications using non-official e-mails would go undetected?

____ Was there a reason that the Staff counsel, despite restrictions against using official resources for illegal purposes, decided to use the DoJ Staff counsel resources to coordinate war crimes with outside entities during official hours?

____ Did you not think that your transcripts from your office would not be captured; and that your discussions without side contractors related to war crimes, illegal activity, and other things would not be captured, known, and left in archive?

Stupid Republican lawyers inside the Department of Justice.

"Stupid Republican lawyer" is triple-redundant. It would be easier to call them what they well comprehend: "Retarded."

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Potential War Crimes Evidence

Not closely at the archive. The last change was recorded in April 2006, less than a year ago.

Suddenly out of the blue, they changed theri content in 2007.

___ What prompted the changed?

___ Why the rush?

___ Why attempt to remove names that were well archived?

Date changes: Notice they've done nothing for a year, since 2006 . . .
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