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Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Blog Worth Visiting

If you're looking for a different blog, or something that will break your monotony, try this for some interesting discussion.

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I like the clean layout, and open text. It's interesting how the blog has different colors, and is very easy to read.

Feel free to look around, and let your friends know about someone who gets things done, and has well crafted policies.

Here are the plans -- you're invited!

Ref This is the place to bookmark, and share with your friends: A place to share with others your election day news, and other interesting information you want other voters to know: What you're working on; your ideas; and where you are making progress. Others want to hear the good news.

Ref Teams are looking for your assistance. Many are involved. It's easy.

Ref Hosting a party.

Ref Personally visit, call, or write your local editors tomorrow Friday, 3 November 2006.

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Blocked at work or behind a firewall?

You can reach the blog around a firewall: Use this link, then read the links above with this.