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Monday, August 21, 2006

Maine Resident Claims NSA-Verizon Disconnected Calls

One Maine resident believes her calls to complain about illegal NSA activity were monitored, disconnected, and then blocked by the NSA-Verizon monitoring system.

Accessing The Record

The phone list is here: click. You'll have to click on the google-link. The site doesn’t permit direct access to the PDF URLs.

Click the link below these words:
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In her comments on her phone bill, she indicated that she attempted to make multiple calls to C-Span, but none of then went through.

The numbers listed on the bill have a handwritten note. One of the numbers goes to a "Support President Bush" number. Ref Here is the address of the Maine Resident. Here's the google listing for that phone number: Ref. Name matches, but doesn't list the address.

Her address matches the address of three TV repair companies: Ref. It's almost 6 miles from the residence to the fax-sending location.


A. Non-connected numbers would not show up on a bill. Why are numbers, which they (apparently) said did not connect, appearing on their phone bill?

B. Why would someone have an "unlisted address" in Google; but they would go out of their way to link a specific phone number with an address, they otherwise had hoped to keep hidden?

C. Why would someone cnocerned about privacy -- and not allow Google to list the address for that name, and not inclue a full name by in the name -- do the opposite, and pubilcly show the full name and address for that phone number?

Name does not appear in FEC database: Ref

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She also indicated that she requested a written response to her requests to Congress. However, each request was not fulfilled. Connected Numbers go to Maine Senators Snowe (5344) and Collins (2533) offices in DC.

Note line 5 is for three [3] minutes; other calls for 1 minute. Why is someone who, apparently is complaining about Verizon-NSA, calling C-Span's "support" President Bush? Is someone mixing up the numbers deliberately? Number does not consistently go to either pro-DNC or pro-RNC issues at C-Span.

Is this something Congress should look into? You bet. Either Congress has a problem responding to simple inquiries; or Congress has a larger problem with NSA-Verizon interfering with communications. More importantly, this Maine resident needs a straight answer: What's being done to ensure that the public voice communications are effective? Either

  • A. Congress isn't responding; and/OR

  • B. Someone else is interfering.

    * * *

    It remains to be understood:

  • A. Is this a real problem: Is there a way to prove that NSA actually affected these calls; or is the only thing we have an assertion?

  • B. How widespread is this problem;

  • C. Why does the US have unreliable phone service;

  • D. Why are requests for responses not honored;

  • E. Is the problem with the mail; or is it something that is isolated to Congress;

  • F. How are specific phone numbers targeted;

  • G. What's the solution to this problem: Inadequate ability to provide timely communication via voice?

  • H. Does law enforcement work with NSA and JTTF to target specific US citizens, then use intercepted information to direct other third-parties for harassment, targeting, or other intimidation?

  • I. Now that the court has found the NSA warrantless surveillance is illegal, what is Congress' plan to enforce the law?