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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Russian Police corruption: A chilling tale of problems in DoJ

Russian authorities accuse police of taking bribes, leading to Chechen Rebels being given a free pass. Bombs were smuggled aboard. Two aircraft blown up over Russia. The police allegedly were paid money to look the other way.

Some would like the world to believe that the problem of corruption and "looking the other way" is only related to bribery. Only in Russia.

Ha! Prior to 9-11 the FBI "looked the other way" without taking overt bribes. Personnel, like Sibel Edmonds, were threatened with loss of job; promised promotions if they "played the right tune." Sibel refused, thank God.

There is no difference between the Russian police corruption that led up to the explosions in Russia, and the similar corruption in DoJ that permitted 9-11 to unfold.

Look at this mess: Everyone is told to respond to the very government that failed. When are we going to start telling DoJ and the FBI where they can get off? They are unreliable and need new leadership.

Fire Ashkroft, and fire Bush.