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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Military: They have no real public voice

Military personnel are not being asked, but told, to engage in unlawful wars.

They cannot meet their oath of office: To preserve, protect, and defend the constitution -- that constitution is being undermined by this leadership.

Military personnel saw during Kosovo what a nation will do when it wants to justify invading soverign countries for "good reasons."

Iraq shows us what a flawed leadership will do: Inavde without foundation; then continue that combat without adequate organization, equipping, or training.

There are restrictions and statutes prohibiting the military from speaking out; and civilans are prohibited under the current statute from discussing the advisablity of military intervention.

This is not to suggest that a coup is advisable; rather, that it might be time to consider whether the Congress should modify some statutes to allow a more free discussion of "other options" when all three branches of government fail.