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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Anti-Federalists: They had valid concerns, that are now surfacing

The Anti-Federalists were the ones who raised concerns about the constitution. What was scoffed at in 1776 has been relaized.

This isn't to say that the constitution is bad.

Rather, that there were some valid concerns that have, for the most part, been shoved aside.

It is during the stresses of unlawful wars and unfounded legislation that these flaws surface.

Feel free to read the Anti-Federalist papers; identify what they said; show how their concerns are matching what is happening under the Patriot Act; and identify solutions with a credible action plan.

There will be many in the way to needed reforms.

God help us.

What is a solution?

What mechamnmis will stop unlawful, crimnal laws from being both passed and enforced before they do their damage?

What we have no didn't work. It needs to be fixed. If we fail, the next stresses will simply exploit the current weaknesses and flaws.

Why must the level of abuse be so high as to make the need for reform not merely self-evident, but criminally-obvious?

We already had Rawanda and the Holocaust. We already had Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.