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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Civil rights: Bush policies of taking no action against police

Civil rights case: The public has to intervene because government checks and balances fail.

Legacy of failed accountability

DoJ has been essentially told to take no signficant action against law enforcement. White House has put pressure on the US Attorneys not to have any court orders against law enforcement for civil rights violations.

Rather, they want to have unenforceable consent decrees. In short, despite the clearly promulgated constitution, Bush and DoJ want to give the law enforcement another free pass, and create another barrier to consequences.

Rather than look into the inssue before the elction [thereby allowing the results to be factored into the election], the commission says it wants to wait until after the election.

So much for using elections to be a method to check the government; rather it's the "threat of election" that is now justifying [as always] the excuse to 'do nothing.'

In Bush world, everything is an excuse for everything else. There's no reason to do anything as it "might upset the voters."

Well, how many times you going to violate the constitution before the voters are upset? Their plan is to simply intimidate those who dare speak out as they did at the RNC. Strange, all the charges against the protestors were dropped.

So where's the real action against law enforcement that continues to look at what they need to do in house to ensure their actions are consistent witht he Bill of Rights? "Oh, we can't answer that, as that's political."

My ass! When are we going to have some meaningful consequences on these idiots in both DoJ and local law enforcement; and why aren't there some meaningful public calls to get the results-answers before the election?

"Oh, we need a committee to study that question." More excuses to delay, yet plenty of excuses to accelerate the justification to violate the BIll of Rights.

"We don't have time to do it right, but plenty of time to do it wrong."