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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Dear Diary

I was sitting at home, and it was really nice out. I thought "what if..." but then realized, I could already do anything I wanted.

Gosh, all this weather stuff is really frustrating. Not that I don't like hurricanes, and leaky roofs; but the real bummer is all the yelling about ice. Have you ever seen grownups get so upset about ice? My friend says you'd think they were arguing over diamonds.

I figured out how to fix a leaky roof: Duct tape, hefty bags, and a few buckets do wonders. I just have to find my roof.

My neighbor was worried before the last one; she came over and asked about her boat. "What do I do about my boat trailer?" I told her to chain it to the house. Well, the boat trailer is OK, but her house is gone. Good thing those chains aren't all that strong.

Well, the next one is on the way. And I'm going to move to Wisconsin. Heck, the weirdos on the internet are driving me nuts.