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Monday, September 13, 2004

CBS Memos: Centering of organizational address is the big clue

The information in the memos is correct, the memos themselves are fabrications

The secretary says the memos are fake, but "reflect real documents that once existed" Ref

What gave it away for me? The letterhead's address is far too clean. In the "old days" of 1972-3 when these memos were supposedly written, there were no computers readily available in 1972 in the national guard that could do this.

In order to center the organziational address, secretaries had to find the center of the page, backspace have as many letters in the address, and then start typing.

Notice the organizational address. It's too neatly centered. Impossible in 1972 on a national guard typewriter.

I see no compelling evidence that the national guard in 1972 had the finances to purchase expensive computers that might accomplish this task. Indeed, for a "memo" of this nature, to ask that scarce computer resources be devoted to such a task would require too great leap of faith.

The contrast is noteworthy: That they would "go to the trouble" to aboth write a memo; and then at the same time "use a computer that is scarcely available" in order to do something that is "rarely done."

I see nothing that would say in 1972, "Gosh, one day, this guy might be president, so let's make sure we, in 1972, make these memos admissible, and document this."