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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Rav 4: Arrows tell you that the windows do ~not~ go sideways

Wish I'd seen this display before I ripped my windows out.

Do car companies always give great deals to relatives who work for the company? Not always.

Is it really a "great deal" if a car company adds a $500 "service charge" for 5-free oil changes? That's $100/oil change. Does that include "road service warranty"?

Why do they make errors and mistakenly charge "retail" to people who should be charged the "employee" rate?

For a price like that, it would be nice if the car-itlself through GPS made the call when the car broke down. In fact, they offer no free tires and the driver would have to call them if they broke down; despite paying the fee, they would only cover up to $50. The driver first pays, and then gets reimbursed.

That's right, you pay them $500, and only get back $50. That's 10 breakdowns before you break even. Sure like to know what's inside that oil.