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Friday, September 10, 2004

DNC Issues Action Alert against Bush

Questions deflated by news the letters were issued by the White House to discredit the accusors.

Meanwhile the RNC asks that you play KerryOpoly.

Not clear what this has to do with addressing social security or medicare shortfalls; or what their plan is to implement the draft.

The republicans say Kerry doesn't have an agenda. But why is his Agenda on the RNC website? That it's misprepresented is irrelevant; the only way the RNC can discuss a "non-agenda" requires them to first discuss the agenda, then say it isn't there. Which is it, RNC? RNC doesn't know and cannot explain.

Then the $87B fiction: There was no plan to expend the money, so why vote to lock-up money without a plan? Again, no answer from the RNC.