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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Legal Disclaimer

This site receives no funding nor does it get paid to endorse candidates.

This site simply celebrates anyone who preserves the constitution and respects human rights and dignity.

This site receives no funding for political advertisements.

We do not receive; nor do we solicit funding from; nor do we accept funding from any political candidate or party.

We are not paid to write about anything nor are we paid to solicit contributions for anyone.

We do encourage you to divert your RNC-funding to the DNC. Let's hear it for putting the RNC-rascals in jail after those who have been indicted have been convicted.

Hat tip: US Attorney Fitzgerald for twisting Libby and Rove's panties and stifling the needed blood flow.

* * *

We do encourage you to give generously to your favorite political candidates. If you are a Republican, maybe you could instead divert that money to the DNC.

Yes, Senator Cranston and the Keating thing really made a mess of it for the Democrats, so touche for Delay.

Lately, we've seen that political contributions to the national RNC haven't produced the desired results: The President ignored RNC's reasonable requests to nominate Scalia-like candidates to the bench.

Why stop there? Why not simply outlaw the RNC.

[This disclaimer will be updated as required.]

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